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  • Heïdi Sevestre

2020: Testing Year

2020. A testing year. A year of changing plans, of postponed dreams. A year of physical stability and non-stop virtual travels. A year of longing to see the Arctic and our remote tropical glaciers. But als

o a year filled with new challenges, new local adventures, new friends, and walkies with my cat. Perhaps 2020 helped me to better understand what my priorities and goals were. While I won’t miss one second of it, I will forever be grateful for all the lessons learnt over the past few months.


“The key to a wonderful life is to never stop wandering into wonder.” suzy kassem


Happy holidays and my best wishes for the new year.


Pic: The hypnotizing deep blue ice of Rabotbreen, Svalbard. Rabot was a french glaciologist who travelled to Svalbard in 1882 aboard the vessel “Petit Paris”.

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