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2021 Expeditions

[Climate Sentinels]

Many of you are asking about my 2021 expeditions, so today let’s talk about Climate Sentinels (!


Climate Sentinels is an all-female team of scientists, it is also an expedition that will take place next year on the Svalbard archipelago in the Norwegian High Arctic. Svalbard is currently the place that is warming the fastest on Earth.


While COVID forced us to postpone our April 2020 expedition to April 2021, we are still GO for next spring! We are in touch with the various research stations we may visit along the way, they are keeping us closely informed of the COVID regulations on the archipelago. We are also ready to quarantine before heading to Svalbard, and follow all the new rules and regulations leading to our first day of skiing.


Only 120 “sleeps” before the start of our expedition! Make sure you do not miss anything, our prep, our training, our outreach program on


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