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Glaciers & Climate Change

[The Last Tropical Glaciers]

Many of you are asking about my 2021 expeditions, so today let’s talk about The Last Tropical Glaciers (


The Last Tropical Glaciers combined science and climate education. We study the last glaciers found along the equator, in the highest mountains of the tropics, and bring back digital content that is then shared as “digital interactive experiences” to educate the youth on glaciers and climate change.


After a successful expedition in Colombia in 2019, we are aiming to visit the tropical glaciers of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda. These are some of the most remote and least studied glaciers of Africa, and they are rapidly disappearing. We worked very hard to make it to Uganda in January 2021 but we now have to accept that the current circumstances would make this journey unsafe and unproductive. We have now decided to postpone this January expedition and prepare for an expedition in July!


Make sure you do not miss anything, our prep, our training, our outreach program on


Picture from Jonty NZ


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