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Inspired by this Great Festival

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

New conference at the @festivalatmospheres in Paris!


In early October I got the chance to be invited by Helene Courtois, Cosmograph and astrophysicist to participate in a one of a kind event with 5 other scientists (the brilliant Pauline Zarrouk, Cl

aire Gachon, Isabelle Goldringer, Isabelle Bauglin), sharing our passion for our sciences with the audience. Better than trying to explain the concept, I’ll let you watch the video!


Pauline and Helene had the crazy and brilliant idea to make us wear some of the pictures we used, printed on silk, hence our beautiful outfits!


This was such an amazing experience I had the best time, and was so inspired by this great festival. Thanks so much to all the volunteers and organizing team!



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